B & C Development, Inc. Owner:  Susan Carlin

P.O. Box 606                                                    Enrollment:  Omaha

Lapwai, ID 83540                                           Phone:  208-843-5443

Email:  sscarlin07@gmail.com                  Fax:  208-843-5605

CIB No.: 328                                                   Certification Date:  10/28/16 – 10/28/19

Water Systems, Excavation, Steel Erection, Concrete Pads, House Building


 Boss Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC Owner:  Oscar Guzman Jr.

3538 Hatwai Rd.                                              Enrollment:  Nez Perce Tribe

Lewiston, ID 83501                                         Fax:  208-743-9629

Email:  oscar@bossheatingandac.com      Certification Date:  09/06/17 – 09/06/20

CIB No.:  317

HVAC Sales, Service & Installation


D-Flagging & Traffic Control LLC Owner:  Diana L. Warden

3344 Hwy 12 W. Tr.B                                      Enrollment:  Nez Perce

Kamiah, ID 83536                                            Phone:  208-451-4915

Email:  dianalwarden@msn.com               Fax:  208-935-1301

CIB No.:  340                                                  Certification Date:  05/19 – 05/20

Subcontracting:  Construction Traffic Control Services, Signing and Labor


D-3 Native Wood Works, LLC Owner:  Bradley C. Dreadfulwater

624 Washington Av.                                        Enrollment:  Cherokee

Grangeville, ID 83530                                     Phone:  208-507-0348

Email: braddr@hotmail.com                        Fax:  N/A

CIB No.:  361                                                     Certification Date:  01/04/17 – 01/04/20

 Tree Planting, Herbicide Application, Seedling Protection, Machine Mastication, Tree Thinning, Pruning, Fire Line Construction, Deer Repellent Application, Fence Construction, Stream Restoration, Brush Removal, Small Diameter Logging, Hand Piling, Suppling Fencing Materials, and Forestry Management.


Falcon Construction Owner:   Nicole George

2812 Meadowlark Dr.                                     Enrollment:   Nez Perce

Lewiston, ID 83501                                          Phone:   208-843-2341

Email:   montie.phillips@yahoo.com          Fax:  208-746-2035

CIB No.:   313                                                  Certification Date:   10/28/16 – 10/28/19

General Construction, Construction Management, Excavation/Infrastructure, New Build, Design Build; Construction All Phases: Remodels, Concrete, Construction Consulting, Doors, Drywall & Sheetrock,

Framing, Finish Work, Flooring, HVAC, Inspection, Painting, Roofing, Windows, Cabinets, Countertops, Utilities, Landscape & Design; Hazard Materials Cleanup & Remediation: Mold Abatement, Fire Damage, Water Damage, HazWop Trained Crew; Forestry:  Bush Clearing, Thinning; Fencing; Road Construction: Culverts, Road Obliteration; Site Work:  Land Restoration & Development, Excavation/Infrastructure; Underground water/sewer, Proved/Broker Material for all Projects; Equipment & Tool Rentals for all construction needs at competitive prices


Gem Electric, Inc. Owner:  Susan Carlin

P.O. Box 606                                                  Enrollment:  Omaha

Lapwai, ID 83540                                         Phone:  208-843-5443

Email:  sscarlin07@gmail.com                 Fax:  208-843-5605

CIB No.: 150                                                  Certification Date:  10/28/16 – 10/28/19

Electrical Contracting:  New Residential Remodel, Commercial and Industrial


MB Plumbing Owner:  Marvin Boyd

928 8th St.                                                        Enrollment:  Chugach

Clarkston, WA 99403                                     Phone:  509-751-6018

Email:  N/A                                                     Fax:  N/A

CIB No:  309                                                   Certification Date:  08/16/18 – 08/16/21

Plumbing Residential & Commercial since 1976:  All Phases


Nez Perce Tourism Owner:  Stacia (Greene) Morfin

P.O. Box 57, 138 W Joseph St.                        Enrollment:  Nez Perce

Lapwai, ID 83540                                            Phone:  208-790-8873

CIB No.:  364                                                    Certification Date: 04/19 – 04/20

Nez Perce Tourism the warm welcome to Nimiipuu Country guests will experience a true sense of place with Nimiipuu “The People” radiating with cultural wisdom. Nez Perce Tourism is the only place in the world where you will hear our side of history, witness the stories of our ancestors, and receive legendary hospitality founded in our cultural understanding of honor and respect


Red Road Inc. Owner:  Donald Loper

3734 N Nike Ct.                                               Enrollment:  Conf. Salish & Kootenai

Post Falls, ID 83854                                         Phone:  208-816-0696

Email:  redroad@gci.net                               Fax:  N/A

CIB No:  362                                                     Certification Date:  04/05/17 – 04/05/20

 Forestry, Heavy Construction, Culvert Installation, Watershed Restoration, Stream Work, Road Decommissioning and Landscape Restoration, Trenching, Pipe Laying, Back Filling, Weapon Ordinance Detection, Hazardous Material Removal and other Aspects of Dirt Work, Logging, Sand & Gravel Mining, Heavy & Civil Engineering, Highway, Street & Bridges, Site Preparation, and All other Specialty Trade Contractors


Tribal Risk and Insurance Solutions, LLC     Owner:  Heather S. Ott

1835 S Extension Road                                        Enrollment:  Hopi

Mesa, AZ 85210                                                  Phone:  800-274-1379

Web Site:  www.trisllc.com                                Fax:  480-730-4929                             

CIB No: 348                                                            Certification Dates:  09/06/17 – 09/06/20

Insurance Services, Property & Casualty, Workers Comp and Employee Benefits


White Shield, Inc. Owner:  Stuart Frick

320 N. 20th Av.                                                 Enrollment:  Three Affiliated Tribes

Pasco, WA 99301                                             Phone:  509-547-0100

Email:  sfricke@whiteshield.com                Fax:  509-547-8292

CIB No: 240                                                    Certification Date:  01/04/17 – 01/04/20

Topographic, GPS Control, GIS Mapping, CADD, Geophysical Surveys, Machine Control Modeling,

3 D Laser Scanning, Environmental Site Assessments Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Studies, Environmental Health & Safety, Environmental GIS Mapping, Environmental Compliance and Natural Resources, Management Services