Today, the Nimiipuu people continue to exercise their treaty rights to hunt, fish, and gather on their historic lands. Tribal citizens celebrate their rich culture through first foods feasts, powwows, and traditional ceremonies, such as the sweat lodge—a traditional form of spiritual cleansing and healing.

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Land and Natural Resources

The Nez Perce people have immense ecological wisdom and knowledge about the lands where they have always fished, hunted, and gathered. Respect for the natural resources provided by the creator has guided the Nimiipuu to protect the land, water, and wildlife. The Nez Perce Natural Resources Department works to preserve these resources.


Fishing has always been central to Nimiipuu culture. The Nez Perce continue to exercise their inherent right to fish, while working to conserve and boost the fish populations. The Nez Perce Fisheries Department leads these efforts.


The Nimipuutimt language, a foundational part of Nez Perce culture, is still spoken today.