Link to Tribal Code as a fully printable PDF file


1.  Amendments to Chapter 4-1 Criminal Offenses re controlled substances sections 4-1-130, 4-1-131, & 4-1-132,   Link to notice with  amendment.   Approved by NPTEC 2/11/14.

2. Amendment to Chapter 4-1 Criminal Offenses section 4-1-126 Weapons. Link to amendment.  Approved by NPTEC 3/11/14

3.  Amendment - add Chapter 9-5 Tribal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA).  Link to notice & amendment.  Adopted by NPTEC 4/8/14

4. Amendment - to Title 9, Indian Preference in Employment and Contracting  TERO, 9-1-19 Fee and Fee Administration.  Link to notice & amendment.  Approved by NPTEC 4/8/14

5. Amendment to Chapter 6-2, Gaming Ordinance,  6-2-12 Powers and Duties of the Commission and of the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee with Regard to the Commission Hours, Compensation and Removal, subsection (b).  Link to notice & amendment.  Approved by NPTEC 4/8/14

6. Revision of Chapter 6-8 Dog Ordinance.  Link to notice & amendment  Amendment approved 5/14/14

7. Amendment to Chapter 1-1, Court Administration,   1-1-28 Exemption from Jury Duty. Link to  amendment. Approved by NPTEC 7/8/14.

8. Clerical Amendment to Chapter 1-1, Administration of Tribal Court changing the name from Boxing Commission to the Athletic Commission.  Link to amendment.