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To provide an effective and fair forum to handle all matters of law arising under the duly enacted laws of the Nez Perce Tribal Code.  To create and maintain a working relationship within the area of other judicial jurisdictions and service providers.



Continue to expand and upgrade Court services to the public, through involvement in the implementation of new laws and program functions, as well as additional staffing.  It is also a program goal to take accountability for all matters of law brought before the Court.



The Nez Perce Tribal Court is involved in the implementation and activation of laws as set out in the Law and Order Code.  The Court works with other service providers and jurisdictions in the handling and processing of the Court cases from initial filing to brining these cases to an equitable conclusion.  These are in cases of law dealing with Criminal, Civil, Juvenile and Domestic matters.  The Court maintains a regular court docket in Lapwai and Kamiah as required by caseload.

The part-time Public Defender continues to provide legal representation for adult Tribal members in Criminal matters.  The University of Idaho legal aid interns also provide various services, primarily focusing on providing representation in juvenile matters, a service that has been unavailable in the past.  They also provided representation for adult Criminal Defendants who were unable to use the services of the Public Defender.  Both of these services continue to be provided at no cost to the clients.



Judicial Services staff consist of one Chief Judge, one part-time Associate Judges, four Court Clerks.  There are also Appellate Judges available on an as-needed basis.





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