Wildlife Program



To develop and sustain a Wildlife Management Program that addresses the on Reservation and Treaty Territory Wildlife Management concerns of the Nez Perce Tribe.



The basic goal of the Program is to support Tribal participation and expression of concerns in any issue affecting the wildlife resources available to the Tribe.

Additional goals are to persist in asserting sovereignty in reservation wildlife management as well as co-management status for treaty territory concerns.



Program Services are largely tied to the funding available to the Tribe.  Most of the funds utilized by the Program have specific deliverables.  The P.L. 93-638 funding is the only funding available to address general wildlife management concerns according to NPTEC direction.

The Wildlife Program, at appropriate times, delivers services directly to the Tribal Membership such as when opportunities were available to send people to Yellowstone to retrieve bison, or when the Tribe received birds for feather distribution, or when there is a need to distribute information to the Membership about hunting areas or state seasons.  However, the majority of the staff time is spent either working on contracted tasks, administrative tasks, answering queries from federal/state agencies, responding to requests either from NPTEC, Tribal Staff for support or analysis of issues.







Lapwai                         208-843-2162 PHONE                       208-843-2427 FAX

McCall                         208-634-1061 PHONE                       208-634-3231 FAX


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An assessment of Current Methods for Surveying and Monitoring Wolves


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