Department of Natural Resources



The vision of the Department of Natural Resource is to provide long-term cultural, social, political, and economic stability to the Nez Perce Tribe.



  1. To implement effective and efficient services through existing and potential programs that promote, protect, and perpetuate the utilization and sustain ability of the tribe’s invaluable treaty rights and resources.
  2. To improve management of all Tribal and individual-Indian lands in a manner that preserves long-term productivity, protects cultural properties, and maximizes revenue.
  3. To protect the health of the Tribal public through sound land management practices and protection of all environmental resources.
  4. Above all, to protect, preserve, and perpetuate all cultural resources necessary to Nez Perce way of life.



The Department of Natural Resources consists of the Land Services, Cultural Resources, Wildlife Resources, Forest Resources, Water Resources, and Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Divisions.  These divisions focus on delivering resource management services on the reservation and participating in the planning, implementation and decision-making of land management activities affecting the Nez Perce Treaty and usual and accustomed territories.  The programs provide protection of reserved treaty-rights in all areas to their best abilities.  Department administration is structured to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach in meeting these needs.





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