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Code of Impairment
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Mission Statement

To assist American Indians with disabilities in
obtaining and retaining employment and
maximizing their ability to live independently in
their communities. Our primary objective
focuses on individual plan of employment. We
are committed to the tribe and both public and
private organizations.

Services Provided

We assist applicants with counseling, vocational
training, and placement services in order to
improve employment opportunities, quality of
living, and seek financial independence among the
tribal community.

Qualifying Disability

To receive NPVRS you need to have a disability which is
severe enough that you have difficulty getting or keeping
 employment specifically because of your disability.

  • Substance/Alcohol Addictions

  • Hearing difficulties

  • Blindness/Visual Impairment

  • Speech Impediment

  • Learning Disorders

  • Orthopedic Ailments

  • Amputations

  • Head Injuries

  • Seizures Disorders

  • Spinal Injuries

There are many other types of disabilities other than those listed.
The purpose of this list is to provide examples.

Code of Impairments

Code of Impairments


Who is Eligible?

  • Applicant must be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe and be residing on or near the Nez Perce Reservation.

  • Applicant must have a physical or mental impairment which for that individual constitutes or results in substantial impediment to employment.

  • Anyone who can benefit in terms of an employment outcome from vocational rehabilitative services.

Nez Perce Vocational Rehabilitation Services Application

Nez Perce Vocational Rehabilitation Application Process

The process can take up to sixty days for approval or denial process.
Must have the following: .

  1. Application

  2. Proof of Enrollment in a Federally Recognized Tribe or Certificate of Indian Blood

  3. Client Assistant Program Brochure given

  4. Informed Consent to treatment

  5. Med/Psych Evaluation form

  6. Rights and Responsibilities

  7. Releases for counselors, probation and parole, medical, psychological and colleges any that applies to applicant.


Vocational Rehabilitation may provide other
essential services if proven to be needed to
achieve your goal of employment. (However; we
are not a social services agency) We can refer you
to other appropriate public and private agencies
for their special services. Participation in a
vocational rehabilitation program can give you
more independence, improve your self esteem,
and empower you to take charge of your life.


Informed Consent Form



Lapwai   PHONE: 1-866-440-1109 or 208-843-9395      FAX: 208-843-9396

Kamiah   PHONE: 1-888-637-8376 or 208-935-4116       FAX: 208-935-4101



The vision of the Nez Perce Vocational Rehabilitation Services (NPVRS), is to enable American Indians residing on or near the Nez Perce Reservation, the right to enhance or regain their self reliance which has been weakened by disability.  Our primary objective focuses on individual employment.  With the individuals and ourselves forming a partnership in all aspects of our service.



The goals of NPVRS are to:

  1. Reduced joblessness by assisting disabled job seekers to enter or reenter the local labor market.

  2. Enhance basic skills of the disabled and development of educated adults.

  3. Support life-skills development that may lead to an individuals self-sufficiency.



The NPVRS prepares clients to overcome their disabilities and become employable.  Our services will be provided to meet our clients needs commensurate with their ability to benefit from them.  Services are designed for each individual served according to their needs.

Counseling to overcome barriers or disabling conditions; vocational guidance to empower client to make choices about career decisions; academic and on the job training assistance can be offered to achieve self-reliance for our clients.



Our highly motivated staff consistantly prioritizes community awareness and involvement. We are here to assist all applicants who desire to improve their lives through the VR counseling, training, and placement services.

  • Vacant
    Program Director

  • Joanna Marek
    Vocational Rehababilitation Lead Counselor

  • Sonia Van Woerkom
    Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist



The Nez Perce Vocation Rehabilitation Services (NPVRS) agency is part of the Nez Perce Tribal Education Department.  NPVRS provides education, employment, and training services that are funded by the Department of Education and administered by the Rehabilitation Services Administration.


Counseling is strictly confidential. Who is in
counseling and what is discussed is held in
 the strictest confidence. We do not exchange
information with anyone outside our agency
 without your expressed written permission.

Exceptions to this policy are determined by
 Nez Perce Tribal and Idaho State Law which
(a) directs  NPVRS to contact the appropriate
agency if we become aware that you or
someone else is in imminent danger or if a
minor or dependent adult ( e.g. elderly person,
impaired person) is being abused  ( including
sexual abuse) and
(b) permits courts to subpoena counseling
records for legitimate reasons.


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