Nez Perce Tribe Certified Indian Businesses

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Current list as of 09/27/2016

1. dba Akana                                                              Owner: Herbert J. Fricke. PE
 6400 SE Lake Rd., Ste. 270.                                    Enrollment: Three Affiliated Tribves of Ft. Berthold
  Portland, OR 97222                                                 Phone: 503-652-9090
    Email/Web Site:                Fax:
   CIB #:                                                                     

Professional Planning, Engineering, Civil, Structural, Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, Design Environmental Services, Design & Construction Quality Assurance, Construction Management Services, Construction Inspection, Commissioning/Decommissioning and Workforce Development


2. B & C Development, Inc                                      Owner: Susan Carlin
    P.O.Box 606                                                           Enrollment: Omaha
    Lapwai, ID 83540                                                   Phone:
    CIB #: 328                                                             Fax:
    Email:                                      Certification Date:
// 10/28/13-10/28/16

   Water Systems, Evacuation, Steel Erection, Concrete Pads, House Building


3.  D. Flagging & Traffic Control                            Owner: Diana Warden
    3344 Hwy 12 W                                                     Enrollment: Nez Perce
    Kamiah, ID 83536                                                  Phone: 208-451-4915
    Email:                           Fax: N/A
    CIB: 340                                                                Certification Date:

Traffic Control Services Including Flagging, Pilot Car, Signing, Temporary Paint Lines, Paint Line Establishment and Labor Related to Traffic Control     


4.     Falcon Construction                                                       Owner: B. Nicole George
          P.O. Box 92                                                                  
Enrollment: Nez Perce
          213 Ash Ave.                                                                 Phone:
Lapwai, ID 83540                                                         Fax: 208-746-2035
Email:                                  Certification Date: 10/28/13 10/28/14
CIB #: 313                                                                    

General Construction, Construction Management, Excavation/Infrastructure, Design Build; Construction All Phases: Remodels, Concrete, Construction Consulting, Doors, Drywall & Sheetrock, Framing, Finish Work, Flooring, HVAC, Inspection, Painting, Roofing, Windows, Cabinets, Utilities, Landscape & Design; Hazard Materials Cleanup & Remediation: Mold Abatement, Fire Damage, Water Damage, HazWop Trained Crew; Forestry: Bush Clearing, Thinning; Fencing; Road Construction: Culverts, Road Obliteration; Site Work: Land Restoration & Development, Excavation/Infrastructure; Proved/Broker Material for all Projects; Equipment & Tool Rentals for all construction needs at competitive prices


5.       Gem Electric, Inc.                                                          Owner: Susan Carlin
          P.O. Box 606                                                                 
Enrollment: Omaha
          Lapwai, ID 83540                                                          
Phone: 208-843-5443
                                          Fax: 208-843-5605
          CIB #:
150                                                                     Certification Dates: 10/28/13 10/28/16

Electrical Contracting: New Residential Remodel, Commercial and Industrial


6.     Idaho Girl Photography & Design                                    Owner: Dawna VanKomen
        164 Ranchette Rd.                                                                Enrollment: Nez Perce Tribe
        Orofino, ID 83544                                                                Phone: 425-345-2400
        CIB #: 349                                                                          Certification Dates:
7/01/15 7/01/18

Photography Services: Scenic, Portrait & Tourism; Graphic Design: Logo, Business Cards, Brochures, Letterhead, Ad Design, News Letters, Posters, T-Shirts, Flyers, and Promotional Post Cards


7.    MB Plumbing                                                                 Owner: Marvin Boyd
        928 8th Street                                                                  Enrollment: Chugach
        Clarkston, WA 99403                                                      Phone: 509-751-6018
        Email: NA                                                                       Fax: NA
        CIB #: 309                                                                      Certification Date: 10/28/13 10/28/16

Plumbing Residential & Commercial Since 1976: All Phases


8.    McFarland Enterprises                                                   Owner: Michael D. McFarland
        25028 Cottonwood Creek Rd                                           Enrollment: Nez Perce
        Culdesac, ID 83524                                                          Phone: 208-843-2353
        Email: NA                                                                        Fax: NA
        CIB#: 175                                                                        Certification Date: 02/03/16 02/03/17

Reforestation, Fencing, Grass Seeding, Tubing; Trail Construction New & Maintenance, Tree Thinning and Labor; Horses: Trails & Hauling

9.   WH Pacific, Inc                                                                   Owner: NANA Development Corp.
        2141 W. Airport Way, Suite 104                                         Enrollment: Alaska Native
        Boise, ID 83705                                                                   Phone: 208-342-5400
        Email/Web:                                         Fax: 208-342-5353
        CIB #: 343                                                                          Certification Date: 07/07/14 07/07/15

Multi-Discipline Architectural, Engineering Firm and Land Surveying

10.   WW Transport LLC                                                                         Owner: Wally Williams
        1276 Westlake Rd.                                                                             Enrollment: Nez Perce
        Ferdinand, ID 83526                                                                           Phone: 208-962-5926
        Email: NA                                                                                          Fax: NA
        CIB #:
323                                                                                         Certification Date:

Ranching, Farming, Construction, Forestry, Fire Fighting


11.   Womer and Associates, Inc.                                                               Owner: William Womer
        221 N. Wall St., Suite 600                                                                 Enrollment: Coville Tribe
        Spokane, WA 99201                                                                         Phone: 509-534-4884
        Email:                                                                     Fax: 509-334-4943
        CIB #: 250                                                                                         Certification Date: 10/28/13 - 10/28/16

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