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Nez Perce Tribal Government

Tribal affairs are governed by an elected body called the Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee.  The chairman presides over the Executive Committee.

To contact Nez Perce Tribe Executive Committee you can email them at:

Mary Jane Miles  
Mary Jane Miles- Chairman
Term Expires : May 2018

McCoy Oatman
McCoy Oatman - Vice-Chairman
Term Expires: May 2017
Dan Kane
Daniel Kane - Secretary
Term Expires : May 2017
Quintin Ellenwood
Quintin Ellenwood - Treasurer
Term Expires : May 2018

Elizabeth Arthur-Attao
Elizabeth Arthur-Attao -  Asst. Sec./Treasurer
Term Expires : May 2019
Arthur Broncheau
Arthur Broncheau - Chaplain
Term Expires : May 2019

Sameul Penney
Samuel N. Penney - Member
Term Expires : May 2018

Bill Picard
Bill Picard - Member
Term Expires : May 2017
Shannon Wheeler
Shannon Wheeler - Member
Term Expires : May 2019

  • The NPTEC has powers to:

    to represent the Tribe in negotiations.

  • to promote and protect the health, education and general welfare of the Tribal members.

  • to administer unrestricted Tribal funds.

  • to prescribe rules governing nominations and elections of NPTEC.

Subcommittee Chair
Human Resources Daniel Kane
Law & Order/Intergovernmental Shannon Wheeler
Natural Resources Quincy Ellenwood
Budget & Finance/Credit Quincy Ellenwood
Land Enterprise Commission Bill Picard

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