Julia Davis-Wheeler

Julia Davis-Wheeler

Julia Davis-Wheeler (married to Timothy Wheeler, Jr.)
Grandparents: Paternal Grandparents:  James Davis
                                                         Julia Andrews

                      Maternal Grandparents:  Benjamin D. Penney, Sr.
                                                          Stella Amera

Parents:         Rupert James Davis
                     Hope Mildred Penney

Children:        Roderick (Fonso) Scott Jr.; Derrick F. Scott; Tana Wheeler-Nunez; David L. Wheeler, Sr.; and Channa J. Henry.

Education:     Pacific Business College, Portland Oregon                Secretarial degree
                    Bacone Junior College, Muskogee, Ok                      Business Management
                    Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, AZ         AA Tribal Management
                    Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ                       Business Admin.

Experience: Phoenix Area Office, Department of Mental Health/Alcohol - Administration
                  Cook Theological School, Tempe, AZ- Public Affairs, Office Secretary
                  Nez Perce Alcohol Program, Lapwai, Idaho, - In take Specialist, Outreach & Administration
                  Nez Perce General Council Secretary (2 terms)
                  NPTEC (Tribal Council) 22 years –Served as Chair of Natural Resources, Budget & Finance, Land Commission, Human
                  Resources, Law & Order, Water Resources.

What I hope to bring to the table: As a past council, I want to bring my experience, respect, passion, leadership and motivation to the table. I am a strong woman that believes in being all inclusive to the grass roots people. I believe the power of the Tribal Council belongs to everyone that is an enrolled Nez Perce. The Council serves at the wishes of the people and need to give the people the proper respect in terms of time; telephone calls; and personal visits. I strongly believe the Council needs to look forward, but also needs to address the needs of the people today.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote for Seat 2. Qeciyewyew.





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