Dear 401K Participants & eligible employees,

Understanding Market Volatility          Market Volatility Flier - November 2008

Plan Participant Forms

Beneficiary Designation Form – At the time of a participants death whomever he/she has designated on the beneficiary form will be paid a single lump sum payment of his/her entire account balance.  In the event of no designation, the death benefit will be paid in the following order of priority:

a.)                Your surviving spouse;
b.)                Your surviving children, in equal shares; or
c.)                 Your estate.

Cash Transaction Detail Form – Required for Electronic transfers, Automatic Clearing Houses (ACH) or Wires for the ordering of a withdrawal from the participants account.  Please have your banking institution complete and sign this form.

Distribution Request Form – After termination or resignation a participant is allowed to withdrawal his/her funds from the plan or rollover his/her account into another qualified plan or IRA.  (Processing timeline of approx. 13-17 business days)

Hardship Withdrawal Form – A hardship withdrawal may be made to satisfy certain immediate and heavy financial needs that a participant may have. A hardship distribution may only be made for payment of the following provisions listed in the link attached (Processing timeline of approx. 10-14 business days)

Initial Enrollment & Investment Selection Form-  Post Tax
Initial Enrollment & Investment Selection Form-  Pre Tax -
Allows a participant the opportunity to enroll, suspend, change, and decline his/her participation in the Nez Perce Tribe Employee’s Retirement Plan.  Contribution amounts can be changed, investment designations can be made, and salary deductions can be stopped.

In-Service Withdrawal Form & In-Service Withdrawal Form (Fisheries ONLY) – While a participant is still working for the Nez Perce Tribe or a Tribal Entity, he/she  may withdraw money from the account once he/she has  reached the age of  59 .  (Process timeline of approx. 13-17 business days)

Loan Application Form – A participant may request a loan and are allowed 50% of your vested balance.  (Processing timeline of approx. 10-17 business days)

Loan Payoff Form – Allows the participant an opportunity to pay off the loan balance in full.  (Processing timeline of approx. 5-7 business days)

Rollover Acceptance Form – Allows a participant to rollover his/her previous retirement account into the plan. 

Contribution Instruction

Salary Deferral Agreement Pre-Tax and ROTH

Salary Deferral Agreement Post-Tax (Fisheries Location Only)